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Walnut Varietal Groups
There are 37 varieties of walnuts grown in California, with 4 varieties accounting for over 80% of total production. World Import/Export Trading offers the most popular California varieties which are sought throughout the world for their color and taste. Listed below are a few of the varieties that we offer. In addition we offer a complete line of walnut pieces, meal and in-shell walnuts.

Chandler – Large, smooth nut with good shell seal and is harvested mid-season. It has a good shell seal and excellent kernel colour (90% light) and high fruitfulness. Mid to late season harvest.

Hartley – The most widely planted variety in California, the Hartley needs 40-45 foot spacing for its mature trees. It’s is a large nut, well sealed and it’s kernels are 90% light with a mid-season harvest.

Howard – A medium to large size nut with good shell seal and 85-90% light kernel. Mid-season harvest.

Payne – A medium sized nut with thick well sealed shell and 75% light kernels. Early harvest.

Eureka – Medium sized with good shell seal with an early harvest.

We provide all size and grade walnuts including:

Walnut Halves
Halves & Pieces
Medium Pieces
Small Pieces
Walnut Meal

Please contact us for more specification information