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The pistachio tree (pistacia vera) originated in western Asia and Asia Minor, made its way into Mediterranean Europe and now thrives in the dry climates of the American west. Advanced production technologies, efficient harvesting and sophisticated growing techniques now make the United States #1 in global commercial production.

Pistachios come in several different grades, sizes and are available in shell or shelled (meats).  In addition to size, Pistachios can be provided raw, roasted and salted and flavored.  Below is a partial list of Pistachios provided by World Trading.  Please contact us for a complete list or your exact specification.

In Shell
Colossal - Less than 18
Extra Large - 18/20
Large - 21-25
Medium - 26-30
Small - More than 30

Shelled (Meats)
Jumbo Whole Kernels
Large Whole Kernels
Large Split Kernels
Whole & Broken Kernels